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How to connect Twitter to WP with your API Authentication Credentials

Sync your blog with twitter

If you already have created a “Twitter Application” for your website, you can skip the steps below and just paste the credentials in their respective fields.

To get your API Authentication Credentials, do the following:

1. Sign into your Twitter Account

2. Go to

3. new app twitterClick on the “Create a new Application” button

4. Enter the name of your website in the “Name” field. If the name is already taken, use a name that is not taken.


Application Details Twitter

5. Enter something in the “Description” field.

6. Enter your website’s URL in the “Website” field. This is very important, since the API will only work if the requests are made from that URL. (example:

7. Agree to the “Developer Rules Of The Road” by checking the box that says “Yes, I agree”.

8. Enter the right text in the Captcha verification field.

9. Click on the “Create your Twitter Application” button.

token actions twitter 10. Once in the application page, click on the “Create my access token” button. This will complete the credentials generation.



This sounds good

application settings key

access token key

This procedure is useful to synchronize your blog with your twitter account.