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ap_websiteWho I am

Hi, I’m Antonio and welcome to my website.

I was born in 1980 in the era of  the inception of “internet” and I started “to play” with the computer when I was 10 years old.

I’ve always been interested in computers, numbers and marketing. In 1998 I started working “on the web” and I never stopped.

I’m an IT Engineer who works as a web manager with a combination of technical expertise and creative talent.

What we can do togheter

We can talk about your business, your ideas and your needs sipping a drink.

We can start with a brainstorming to analyze your need or your idea, continue studying the solution and complete this workflow developing and monitoring the solution.

This is a short list of my skills:

.IT Consulting
.Web Development
.Web Marketing
.Online presence [Social media strategy and co-ordination]
.Lead generation campaigns [Google&Facebook]
.Web’s data analysis
.Web reputation
.Search Engine Optimisation
.Server Management

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Google AdWords Certified